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About Bengals

Bengals are a very active, curious cat that loves to be anywhere up high. If you don't like your cat to leave the floor, the Bengal breed is probably not the right cat for you. They are busy by nature. Bengals are very devoted and can be a "lap cat" whenever THEY want, but usually their idea of having fun is playing, chasing, climbing and examining. They'll often save the cuddle time for when they are sleeping. Many Bengals enjoy water so you may find a companion in your sink or shower. They will usually, ALWAYS want to be wherever you are. For anyone who enjoys rowdy, funny, majestic and charismatic feline companionship, consider the Bengal. 

Bengals can have spots, rosettes, arrowheads or marbling. They are long and lean with a body structure similar to the Asian leopard cat, which is who they are bred from. The Bengal, has intense markings, and a mink-like pelt and an engaging gaze.  

Upcoming/Current Litters

Jade had a litter of kittens on April 15th! Sire is Onyx, who is a carrier for charcoal. We have 3 Seal Lynx kittens for sale. They are all carriers for charcoal as well. Pictures and pricing are in the for sale tab.

Carrie had a litter of F4B Savannah kittens on 6/13. Sire is Luke. Pictures and pricing are in the for sale tab.

Important Info

We are a Christian, trustworthy, honest family run business. Carol is a registered TICA member and our cattery, All Spotted Up, is registered as well. We hope you can tell how passionate we are about what we do here. We love our felines.

All our kittens have a health guarantee and are vet checked multiple times. They are up to date on all vaccinations, de-wormed, micro-chipped and registered with TICA before going to their new homes.

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Different types of Bengal kittens

At any given time, we could have any of the following types of Bengals: brown and snow (seal mink or seal lynx).

Coming next year we hope to have charcoal and silver kittens as well!

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Our fur babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your fur-ever friend or to ask any questions. 

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